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Triple Conscious Theory / Social Media Dependency Disorder

SMDD (Social Media Dependency Disorder) / TCT ( Triple Conscious Theory ) is a new disorder created by  Jonathan N. Bertrand after over nine  years of research and study in the field of social media behavior.

Business and Marketing

Partnering with corporations to facilitate discussions based on our research showing how social media affects the workplace.

High School and College / Universities

Showing the impact Social Media has on the every day life of a college student and allowing parents ,students ,faculty and places of higher learning to understand the changes Social Media Awareness can have on their enrollment and performance. Showing how Cyber, Digital and Internet are the same ruction just different terminology.

Mental Health and Behavioral Health

Working with mental health organizations and schools to raise awareness about the impact social media has on our mental health.

Continued Research

Working with clinicians, business owners, parents, and technologists conducting clinical studies about the effects of social media, directly and indirectly. Focusing on the impact on family, friendships, and business relationships. 

Social Media Anonymous


Support Group

The Global Touch Foundation partners with ORGS  to create an online platform  for those in need of support with various issues such as depression and dealing with negative experiences online that may harshly impact our culture and quality of life.



Providing an educational platform for users of Social Media impacted by addiction to social media while showing the positive impacts for a better Social Media Experience.


Medical - Research

The Global Touch Foundation works closely with Orgs to develop research for Social Media Dependency Disorder and Triple Conscious Theory. This disorder is the leading cause of dependency among younger generations.


Fund Started By: The Global Touch Foundation to Support Social Media Awareness Research (2016)

Awareness For Social Media and Mental Health

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Current Areas: 

Social Media Dependency Disorder 

Social  Media Addiction 

Social Media Awareness

Triple Conscious Theory 

Joint Partnerships


Creating a National and Global Network of Universities and Organizations that supported Social Media Studies as well as  building the conversation about the impacts of social media based on location and cultural experiences.

Evidence for the Addition of SMDD IN THE DSM (2017/2019)

Public Document's (2017/2019)  Powerpoint Research

Social Media Dependency Addition To DSM (pdf)


Social Media Awareness IN SCHOOLS (2018)

PLUGGED IN : Featuring: Jonathan Bertrand

PLUGGED IN : The True Toxicity of Social Media Revealed (Mental Health Documentary)


Thinking In The Third Persona

About The Research:

The Triple Conscious Theory explains the three personas associated with social media: public, private and the social media persona. We explain what the three different personas are and how they  are connected. 

Public Persona - What you portray to the public as who you are. For example, if you are a public speaker you might be thought of publicly as being outspoken, assertive and outgoing. However, this could also be a facade because a person may be very different in his or her personal life. 

Private Persona - How you are in private with just yourself and maybe your close circle of friends and family. 

Social Media Persona - How the media portrays you which often consists of building someone up and tearing them down over and over again. How social media portrays you as a person. 

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Building together an International Research team in Epidemiology, Psychology, Sociology, Theology, and Humanities

Social Media Dependency Disorder with Kristen Walker

Jonathan N Bertrand and Kristen Walker Discussion on Social Media Dependency Disorder, Needs to be discussed against those in the healthcare industry. This disorder is not listed in the DSM thus far, the goal is to advocate to where its listed. Published on Sep 5, 2018

Research Downloads

Ruderman Foundation MIT - IVY LEAGUE:DISABILITY Response (pdf)


Triple Conscious Theory Final (pdf)




2020 Why Social Media Needs To Be In The Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders_7188 (pdf)


Pioneer of Social Media Awareness (2015)

Testimonial: Just fifteen years ago, social networking usually involved a table and a beverage; a good week might result in connecting with 20 or even 30 people. Today, a person can easily express a thought to thousands of people in a few seconds. The Social Networking Effect explores this brave new world, negatives and positives, intended outcomes and accidental results and–most importantly –the human side of a technological operation. - John Morgan   Blue Shape

Triple Conscious Theory

Introducing The Triple Conscious in a in-depth explainer video on the Public, Private and Social Media Persona


Jonathan N Bertrand is the Pioneer Of Social Media Awareness and Creator of Social Media Dependency Disorder and The Social Networking Effect and Currently Under Review Social Media Awareness Day. Mr.Bertrand speaks on the Public Private and Social Media Persona he coined in September 25 2015. He's spoken nationally in Seattle Washington on his perspective as a expert and Pioneer endorsed by The National Council Of Behavioral Health 17 , where he spoken on a Panel in Seattle Washington on harnessing the power of social media.

SMDDupdated (pptx)


Social Media Epigentic's Breakdown

Social Media Awareness ( Mental / Behavioral Health ) 

Social Media Epigenetics ( Genetics / Neurology ) 

Social Media Dependency Disorder ( Research ) 

Triple Conscious Theory ( New  Persona )