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Triple Conscious Theory / Social Media Dependency Disorder

SMDD (Social Media Dependency Disorder) / TCT ( Triple Conscious Theory ) is a new disorder created by  Jonathan N. Bertrand after over nine  years of research and study in the field of social media behavior.

Business and Marketing

Partnering with corporations to facilitate discussions based on our research showing how social media affects the workplace.

High School and College / Universities

Showing the impact Social Media has on the every day life of a college student and allowing parents ,students ,faculty and places of higher learning to understand the changes Social Media Awareness can have on their enrollment and performance. 

Mental Health and Behavioral Health

Working with mental health organizations and schools to raise awareness about the impact social media has on our mental health.

Continued Research

Working with clinicians, business owners, parents, and technologists conducting clinical studies about the effects of social media, directly and indirectly. Focusing on the impact on family, friendships, and business relationships. 


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Support Group

The Global Touch Foundation partners with ORGS  to create an online platform  for those in need of support with various issues such as depression and dealing with negative experiences online that may harshly impact our culture and quality of life.



Providing an educational platform for users of Social Media impacted by addiction to social media while showing the positive impacts for a better Social Media Experience.


Medical - Research

The Global Touch Foundation works closely with Orgs to develop research for Social Media Dependency Disorder and Triple Conscious Theory. This disorder is the leading cause of dependency among younger generations.

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Advocating Social Media Awareness (Mental Health and Addiction Treatment), Research, Education and Digital Media 

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