Thinking In The Third Persona

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The Triple Conscious Theory explains the three personas associated with public, private and the social media persona. I will explain the three different persona's and how they're linked. A public persona is when an individual or groups of people perceive you as being a certain way. For instance if I were a public speaker, a person would probably classify me as being very outspoken, assertive and outgoing. However, this could also be a facade because a person may be very different in his or her personal life. A private persona is usually when a person only let's people in their immediate circle know what's going in their life. Usually this circle is composed of very close friends or family members. A social media persona is how the media either builds a person up or tears a person down. It's how social media proclaims who you are as a person. Usually this persona is based on what people see or hear, and not based on facts.

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Ruderman Foundation MIT - IVY LEAGUE:DISABILITY Response (pdf)


Triple Conscious Theory Final (pdf)




Why Social Media Dependency Disorder Is Needed In The DSM (pdf)


Thinking In The Third Persona - Trevor Merada Series 1

Trevor Merada and Jonathan Bertrand discuss the in-depth version of the  first explanation of the Third Persona from a research theory perspective. 

Pioneer of Social Media Awareness (2015)

Testimonial:Just fifteen years ago, social networking usually involved a table and a beverage; a good week might result in connecting with 20 or even 30 people. Today, a person can easily express a thought to thousands of people in a few seconds. The Social Networking Effect explores this brave new world, negatives and positives, intended outcomes and accidental results and–most importantly –the human side of a technological operation. - John Morgan   Blue Shape

PLUGGED IN : Featuring: Jonathan Bertrand

PLUGGED IN : The True Toxicity of Social Media Revealed (Mental Health Documentary)

Triple Conscious Theory

Introducing The Triple Conscious in a in-depth explainer video on the Public, Private and Social Media Persona

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