To the honorable Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Representative of the 14th district of NewYork US

House of Representatives Dear Congresswoman Ocasio-Cortez,

In regard to your interview on the podcast “Skulldudgery", the Global Touch Foundation wanted to reach out and show our support of your comments regarding giving up or taking a break from Facebook and acknowledging social media’s impact on mental health. The Global Touch Foundation is a non-profit organization that was formed to understand the socio-economic impacts of social media on the lives of individuals/consumers. The Global Touch Foundation sets out to further social media awareness in research, education, mental health tools and practices, and publicity campaigns to spread awareness around the globe. From radio to television, publications and hard data, to educational platforms and rehabilitation the Global Touch Foundation has been leading the way since 2015.  The Global Touch Foundation has created an Educational Platform with psychologists, psychiatrists, physicians, business owners, and private citizens. We travel around the globe educating students, parents, employees, managers, academics, and professionals on the need to post responsibly.  We including lesson plans and lectures on how social media is impacting all of our lives: emotionally, physically, socially, spiritually, intellectually, and creatively. In a 21st century world and market it is imperative for individuals to be conscious of the decisions they make not just online, but in their daily lives . We are also working with researchers, mental health experts, and professionals to further validate the need for social media awareness and to understand more on the working minds and trends of masses on social media. Our Foundation has constructed a theoretical framework for the Triple Conscious Theory: a cycle of communication that uses realities, programing, and participation that manifests the “third personas” and quite possibly the first steps into understanding more of Social Media Dependency Disorder. SPDD is briefly explained as a single user gaining a dependency to the cycle of communication created by their usage of social media and more identifiably through social media platforms. One major goal of The Global Touch Foundation is working to organize a “Social Media Awareness Day” here in the United States. Social Media Awareness Day is to be a celebration of being and existing where it reminds us that we all have a responsibility not only for our private selves but to our public selves as well (including our social media persona). We hope to have your support in the future as our organization grows and as we further our understanding of Social Media on individuals and communities.

Thank you for your service to our public and our country the United States of America. 

Sincerely ,

Jonathan Bertrand  Founder and CEO of Global Touch Foundation

Trevor Merada Research Director for Global Touch Foundation